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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. My wireless scoreboard and control console doesn’t communicate – what could be wrong?

A. In many cases this is a very simple fix.  Make sure you have an antenna properly screwed and seated both on the scoreboard and control console.  Check to see if any antennas are physically damaged due to a ball strike or being hit.  If the antennas look good, turn the scoreboard and control console off and then wait 30 seconds.  Turn the scoreboard on – it should go to dashes and stay there.  Now, turn on the control console – the scoreboard should go through its diagnostic testing.  This means you have communication to the scoreboard!  If you still do not have communication try to get your control console as close as possible to the scoreboard.  If it starts to work, you need to replace your antenna on your control console or scoreboard.  You can request new antennas here.


Q. My LED Digit or segment will not light up – how do I fix this? 

A. The easiest way to determine if an LED digit or segment is not functioning correctly is to put 8’s on every digit indicator. At that point, it will be easy to locate what digit and/or segment may be malfunctioning. Typically a digit segment will not light up due to either a broken LED or corrosion on the internal connection port (either at the digit or the motherboard). Digits with broken LEDs should be sent to our Service Facility for repair. If you are unsure of the LEDs being broken you may have corrosion at the connection port. An easy solution is to spray a contact cleaner at each end of the connector to remove anything that may be obstructing communication. If these steps do not fix your issue please send your items to our Service Facility for a fast and friendly service.


Q. I need to order replacement parts for my scoreboard system – where can I order these? 

A. Items are easily replaced by calling toll free to 1-800-383-6060. An Eversan technician will assist you in getting your parts and getting you back into the action!


Q. I have games and practice coming up – when can I expect my repair finished?

A. Our Service team prides itself on their efficiency and our award winning customer service. Once your items have been received here you can typically expect them to be finished within a few days. Our Service Center works on a first come – first serve basis and will work towards the most economical solution to getting you back in the game!


Q. I need to send in the motherboard to the service center – where can I locate this on my scoreboard?

A. The motherboard can be found on the top left-hand side of the scoreboard in most models. You will need to locate the access panel near the horn. An easy locator for wireless models is near the antenna. This panel is removed via four screws. Inside you will be able to locate the motherboard. Be sure the power is off to the scoreboard. At this point you will be able to remove power and harness connections. The motherboard can then be removed via another set of four screws.