Basketball Scorers Table Model ST0508 -An asset for Athletic Departments
Scorers Table Model ST0508

Engage Your Fanbase

Enhance the fan experience at your event with our LED Scorers Table.  Our live-full color LED table will engage your fanbase with vibrant graphics and heart pounding live action. Now more than ever, high schools, colleges and universities are turning to video screens systems just like the professionals.  Our control software will organize your images, animations and selected content in a way that will make gameday production a breeze!  Let the table do the work for you!

An Asset That Generates Revenue

Scorers tables are on the rise of popularity especially due to its versatility for showing in-game advertisements. Using the LED screen as a tool to recognize rotating paid sponsorships will help pull in new monetary streams that concessions and 50/50 raffles cannot simply fathom. Show a video ad of a local business, player introductions, crowd pleasing animations, display simple static graphics, announcements and even text messages!  There is no better way to bring your fanbase and sponsorship brands together all while enjoying the excitement of the game.

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Intuitive Control Software!

  • Play video advertisements & animations
  • Prompt player profiles & introductions
  • Display live video
  • Control play rate of dynamic video content
  • Make playlists and rotate media assets
  • Configure single or multiple screens
  • Play crowd pleasing prompts

Features Included:

  • All aluminum hardware
  • Auto sensing cooling system
  • Convenient dashboard w/ standard outlets, USB outlets, and center HDIM
  • 9 Gliding casters for easy mobility (per 8’L table)
  • Long power cord – 20’L + (Client can ask for more)
  • Auto sensing power supplies 100vac to 240vac
  • Stainless steel index plunger for releasing locking system (for multiple table set up)
  • Seamless table integration for multiple tables
  • Bear claw jaw locking system for multi-tables
  • High impact padding on sides and front
  • High impact polycarbonate glass for protection
  • Compact foldable design – folds to 19″ deep!
  • Large work surface for in-game paperwork
  • Multiple video screen control system
  • Light weight design – only 299 lbs!
  • Adjustable brightness up to 6,500 to 7,500 nits with outdoor brightness