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Model HD1016 is the perfect scoreboard system for any high school or small college.  With it’s vibrant 16.8’L X 9.45’H LED video screen, excite players, students and fans by engaging them with stunning in-game graphics and animations.  Create revenue streams for your school by showing advertisements and connecting local businesses with your fans.

Create high-energy sporting events by involving your fans in a live full color LED video display.  Replay heart pounding pivotal moments and missed action within seconds!

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Enhance the fan experience at your event with our live-full color LED video display.  With it’s bright 21’L x 12.7’H RGB screen, engage your fanbase with vibrant graphics and heart pounding live action.  Must-have features like our signature series two tiered top with an accent gives the scoreboard system an outstanding architectural look.  Now more than ever, high schools, colleges and universities are turning to video screens systems just like the professionals.  Our control software will organize your images, animations and selected content in a way that will make gameday production a breeze!  Let us do the work for you!


If you want to put an exclamation point on your athletic facility, our model HD1025 is the perfect system for any stadium.  With it’s vivid 25’L x 14’H screen and it’s state-of-the-art crowd-energizing software, your athletic events will never have a dull moment!  Use the screen to recognize paid sponsorships, share in-game informations, exciting animations, announcements and even text messages!

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