Solar Power Solution - Off the grid! Power your scoreboard anywhere!
Solar Power Solution

Solar Power Scoreboard Solution


Eversan, Inc. Solar Solution – Harness The Power Of The Sun

Eversan’s solar power solution is great for facilities, parks, recreation, and municipalities who may want to cut the cord and GO GREEN.   Many organizations have vowed to pursue environmentallySolar power scoreboard friendly options to help protect our environment and sustain natural resources for our future generations.   Our solar solution is the perfect option for your organization! With Eversan’s solar system, your scoreboard will  be 100% off the grid while harnessing free renewable energy that can power any scoreboard system.

In the past, many clients could not purchase scoreboards due to sheer location as power could not be brought in or it was not cost effective.  Now, clients can easily power up without any hassle!  No need to dig or lay down power – simply attach our solar solution to the scoreboard structure, plug it in, and turn your scoreboard on.

Solar technology has many benefits that you cannot ignore! Contact our sales team  –  and start harnessing the power of the sun!