Basketball Scoreboard 9769 - Great for multi-purpose gyms & arenas!

Model 9769

Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling Scoreboard with LED digits


160 lbs


8'L x 5'H x 3"D


12” LED Digits
Control Console w/ LCD
0-199 Home/Guest Score
Period/Bonus/Poss. Indicators
Fouls/Plyr/Points/Match Display
Up/Down Timing
1/10 Second Last Minute Counting
Loud Horn
Wall Junction Box
Network Capable
170 Degree Viewing Angle
A/C Adapter
Mounting Brackets
Wireless 2.4 GHZ
Network Shot Clock
Protective Cage
Logo/Sponsor Panels
Available with T.O.L. Model 9769
16” LED Digits for Time & Score