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Diagnostics Check


Steps to Follow:

1) Turn power off at both the scoreboard & the control console.  Crucial for a clean system start-up.

2) Check to see if antennas are properly secured and tight at both the scoreboard face and handheld control console. If the system is cabled, be sure the data cable is attached and screwed all the way in.

3) Double check that the A/C Adaptor has a tight fit on the control console so power is not lost.

3) Turn power on for the scoreboard only. A series of 8’s with roll across each digit indicator and then rest at dashes. The dashes mean that the scoreboard is waiting for a wireless signal and information to be sent from a controller.

-If the system is cabled, the scoreboard will stay at dashes for a moment attempting to recognize a radio frequency. If none is found after a minute the scoreboard will go blank. This is a cabled default setting. You may enter your time and score indicators now and the score the game as usual.

4) Turn power on at the controller. At this point 8’s will appear across each digit indicator and will be properly synced when zeros appear on time, home & guest scores.

-The same sequence will happen for a cabled system.

5) Be sure all indicators & corresponding buttons function together properly before scoring the game. Score the game as normal.

6) If the scoreboard or controller loses signal, turn off the scoreboard at the breaker. Turn off the handheld controller. You must wait one minute before performing this sequence again.