Portable Scoreboards - Light Weight, Easy to use, Wheel Carts & More!

Portable Scoreboard - basketball

Wherever your game resides our scoreboards can follow!  Eversan, Inc. has many portable scoreboard systems that are quick and easy to use.  Score any sport whether it’s indoors our out we have the right system for you.

Two Wheel Scoreboard Cart – 755w 

The 755w two wheel cart is Eversan’s most popular cart by far!  The two axle wheel system is a breeze to move around.  Simply lift up on the handle located at the scoreboard and start moving.  With the industry leading pneumatic wheels you will have no problem pushing or pulling your scoreboard to its desired location.

Features Include:

  • Lightweight aluminum structure
  • x2 Rugged Pneumatic Tires
  • Handles
  • Mounting bolts

Compatible Models: 9100, 9108, 9110, 9200,9330,9332-30,9400,9408,9600 and most models up to 10 feet long!

4 Wheel Scoreboard Cart for small units – 7700

The 7700 four wheel cart has been designed with mobility in mind.  Easily roll your scoreboard into place on its industry leading pneumatic tires.  The aluminum structure minimizes the weight of the entire scoreboard system all while maximizing its strength capacity for durability. Where will you take your 7700 wheel cart scoreboard system?

Features Include:

  • Light weight aluminum structure
  • x4 Rugged Pneumatic Tires
  • Handles
  • Mounting bolts

Compatible Models:9108, 9110,9330,9332-30,9400,9408,9600 and most models up to 7.5 feet long!

4 Wheel Scoreboard Cart for larger units – 7800

The 7800 four wheel cart is just like our 7700 cart however, much longer.  Its pneumatic tires, aluminum structure, and rugged design speaks durability. This wheel cart can hold scoreboards 8 feet long or more depending on the scoreboard system!


Compatible Models: 9100,9200,6750 and select models up to 10 feet long!


Model 9521 Portable Tabletop

Packing large scoreboard technology into a small case, the Eversan Model 9521 outdoor/indoor portable tabletop scoreboard is the perfect addition to any program big or small. This versatile scoreboard features 6” ultra bright LED digits and a loud horn, making it easy for participants and fans alike to see and hear during contests. The rugged aluminum case helps protect the scoreboard from the bumps and bruises that often take out its plastic counterparts. Model 9521’s small size and convenient carrying handle makes transporting a breeze!


Model 9342AF

Hey football coaches!  Take advantage of the time that you have and hold practice the smart way!  Our 11″ LED digits can be seen from afar. Let our  segment timing system do the work and keep the cadence of your practice.  Set up the timer period lengths, hit start and run your practice efficiently.   This system is great for workouts too!


Durable Control Console

When thinking about a portable scoreboard system you must consider the durability of the control console.   Our stainless steel control console will withstand any environment that it encounters.  Add one of our carrying cases and protect it even when not in use!

Features Include:

  • Stainless steel control console
  • LCD (liquid crystal display) prompts and displays data
  • Real push button controls
  • Number keypad
  • Standard 110v AC

External Console Battery Pack

With our 12 volt rechargeable battery pack you can control your scoreboard systems without plugging into an outlet.  Feel free to walk around and score the game from different areas near the playing field/court.

Features Include:

  • Carry Case
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 12V car power port adaptor
  • 110 volt recharger